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What is a Newtek Pacifier?

In short: It is a very small probe that you insert into an animals rectum which sends electrical pulses to the muscles (natural muscle movements are controlled by electronic pulses sent by the brain). The Newtek Pacifier control unit then sends pulses which in turn control muscle movements. This optimum control means treatments can be as stress free and painless as possible for the animal and as safe as possible for the operator. This type of waveform pulses is approved by animal welfare standards. Similar technology is used in some Human medical situations for muscle control during childbirth, post surgical situations, pain relief in trauma and some musculoskeletal conditions.

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Why Invest In A Newtek Pacifier

It will improve animal wellbeing during potentially painful or stressful treatments

It will be easier and faster to apply treatments to animals

It will be safer for you and your staff to control animals

It will help staff to do their job with more ease

It may safe your life

Easy To Use

The unit is very simple to use, it's compact and very robust. It is a very high quality tool inside a S/Steel casing. An instruction card comes with the unit which take 5 minutes to read and you are working.

Full Instructions

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What Our Customers Say

Phillip van der Bijl & John Lang - Mossburn

Our farming operation is fifteen hundred cows milked through an eighty bale rotary cowshed.We have used Newtek Pacifiers for the last four years now with huge success in ways you would not think about until you possessed one. We started with one unit and now have three, it not only made kicky animals stand still and not try to take your head off but the ones with a vicious letdown were settled in to the mob a lot quicker. When animals misbehave in the shed they become noticed for all the wrong reasons and people tend to tense up and treat them different but with the pacifier they settle down into the routine within a couple of milkings. We like them but more important it makes it a very safe environment for the staff to be in as well and the cows seem a lot more settled.

Jon Pemberton - Gore

I have been using Brian's pacifier for about three years now and in that time it has been a tool we have used on a daily basis throughout certain times of the season i.e. calving. We use it for when heifers come into the shed for their first milking and it has made this a much easier, more relaxed and quieter process for me, my staff and the cows. The other uses for it are milk let down, dehorning calves and help downer cows. Two years ago i had a three year old cow with a hard calving resulting in calving paralysis. I lifted her for 6 days with no improvement then remembered that Brian had said the pacifier was helpful in these cases. I used it for 45 minutes for two days and on the third I found her standing. I recommend the pacifier as it is a useful and safe tool that anyone can use.

Peter Dobbie - Clinton

Thanks for the free trial of one of your Newtek Pacifiers. It only took one day of using it in the cowshed to be totally convinced to buy it. With 350 Heifers calving this spring we found the Pacifier the right tool to ensure a quiet shed, instantly calming any irritable 1st Calver. We also found that the Pacifier helped in milk let down, doing away with the need to use any drugs. Once again thanks, Brian.

Vaughn Templeton & Warren Caldert - Riverton

We bought a pacifier on the recommendation of a neighbouring farmer. We originally thought it would be really helpful for training the odd difficult heifer but have found it to be a far more significant tool for helping milk letdown for the first few milkings. Being able to effectively milk them out is a huge advantage in controlling heifer mastitis as well as reducing stress in the shed for both cows and people.

Mark and Julie Cressey - Dorie, Mid Canterbury

We were first introduced to Newtek Pacifiers 5 years ago whilst managing, and when we moved up to 50/50 sharemilking a pacifier was at the top of our shopping list. The pacifier has been used in many instances for varying reasons but its biggest attribute is that it keeps the animal calm and stress free, allowing the handling of an animal in a safe quiet manner, resulting in a positive outcome for animal and human alike. Our personal experiences of using the pacifier have been for foot trimming and treatments of lameness, breaking in first time calvers to milking, during the milking and treatment of dealing with sore teats, milking out cows that have eczema, during a hard calving to help prevent the cow from over straining. To date we have never teat sealed heifers but if we were going to the Pacifier would be the "tool of choice." The pacifier is easily operated and maintained. Brian also provides a great back up service. Many Thanks

Mark Janssen - Invercargill

I bought a Newtek Pacifier 6 years ago and use it every day on the farm. The two tools every dairy farmer should have on his farm are a calving jack and a Pacifier. Of all tools I bought while farming the Pacifier was the best investment I have made and also the best returns I received on an investment. I promoted the Pacifier to my friends who are now using it and have the same praise for it. The service from this company is excellent and if something happened to my Pacifier, it is repaired and back on the farm within days. As you get older and working with big cows, this tool keeps al stress and efforts to a minimum and we, that's the cows and me, are happy with that, money well spend. It is a tool that does everything the brochure says. Thanks Newtek.

Alistair Megaw - Tapanui

I had heard about the Newtek Pacifier from another farmer and decided to try it for myself. I thought it may be just another gimmick but gave it a try. We were so impressed with how the heifers responded in the spring we have now purchased a second one. It has proved to be an amazing tool and one we cannot now do without.

Joel Edkins - Ashburton

We purchased our Newtek Pacifier in June 2010 when we had 200 heifers to teat seal at the runoff. We couldn't get the person with the mobile crate on a day that suited, so after seeing a pacifier in action I got one to try. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't do the job and I would lose my teeth from a angry heifer, but it worked like magic. The job was done quickly and easily with little stress to either person or animal. Was cheaper then getting the mobile crate too, plus we still have it for next time. It works a treat on niggly animals in the dairy without any stress or agro. I recommend you get one to try, but you won't want to give it back.

Biddy and Rob Mackie - Hororata

We have found the Newtek Pacifier to be a very beneficial tool on our farm. Tasks in the shed which can be at times stressful are made so much easier using the pacifier and it is a safe and efficient resource for our staff to use. We have found it to be particularly helpful when teat sealing heifers, treating lame cows and keeping cups on difficult heifers.
There was an incident where we were trying with much difficulty to tag an angry bull in the race, this could not have been done successfully without the Newtek Pacifier.
We would highly recommend the Newtek Pacifier to other farmers.

Adam McCall and Georgina Mackie - Tapanui

When we first tried the Newtek Pacifier it was the middle of a spring in which we broke in 175 heifers and the amount of swearing and cursing in the shed was at a minimum, all thanks to the Newtek Pacifier. As there are three females and a sole male on the farm, tying up disgruntled animals could be a real chore for the majority of the team, using the pacifier these cows can be immobilised quickly, effectively and safely. We have used the pacifier to tag cows whilst they were milking in our herringbone shed, help get bulls into head bails, tag heifers in the race and to help get lame cows into our hoof trimming crate. We are certain there are other uses for it, and we will no doubt discover these as time goes on. We would definitely place the pacifier in the "working smarter not harder" basket. It is a wonderful tool and has made our lives so much easier!! Thanks Brian.

Bill and Janet Overgaauw - Winton

We use a Newtek Pacifier for 3 years now and we like the effect it has on first milkers. The Pacifier calms them down, stops kicking and helps with milk let down. They settle in faster then without it. If you have no kicking in the shed the whole operation is running smooth. We use it when treating cows with milk fever and the treatment work better because you get an improved blood circulation and a calmer animal to deal with. We see it as a great tool not to be without.

Mara Blackwell and Colin Taylor - Winton

Safety is important to me when working with animals, and the Newtek Pacifier has proven to do just that. For 2 years we have used the Pacifier when dealing with difficult cows
Training heifers in the cowshed.
Treating lame cows, treating mastitis cows, giving oral treatments, cows won't let-down milk,
and working with bulls. - By using the Newtek Pacifier, it also protects the animal from self harm and damage to property.

Graeme Price - Riverton

We purchase a Pacifier for 08/09 season and a 2nd pacifier for the 09/10 season. Simply the best shed accessory for harmony with stock - easy to use and liked by all staff.

No more kicky heifers and awesome for any niggly cows.
Great for getting cows to walk in the head bale.
No aggression and easy to get cows to lift a leg.
Great backup service by Brian.
At the least our advice is give the pacifier a try

Martin and Ria Rose - Patetonga

Last season we bought a Pacifier. "I immediately saw an answer to our situation of having to break in all our heifers, and now with this training tool our spring calving and milking is so much easier," Martin says.

Ria and Martin Rose, Patetonga

They had thought of giving up their heifer milking system because of frustrations with the milking and the fact of often having one-, two- and three-titers because of being unable to treat them adequately. These would sell as culls. Now instead if there is a problem with any heifer, no more than 10 per year, they use the pacifier. This quietens the animal and prevents the rest of the stock getting upset. It also helps some heifers let their milk down, also helping the operator. "I now go in with more confidence and know I will not get kicked, and it is easy to use," says Ria.

John and Carol Ralph - Te Puninga, Morrinsville

John and Carol Ralph, Te Puninga, near Morrinsville, I use it when teat sealing heifers before the winter and I don't have any trouble or worries working between the heifers' back legs." This season he is trialling the pacifier with his difficult heifers, helping them to settle down and release their milk. He says he would not treat any cow's feet without the device. They walk away quietly after treatment with none of the stress normally involved in restraining.

Ross Young - Kaihere, Hauraki Plains.

Young says the pacifier enables his vet to take blood samples without using any other restraint. "The pacifier reduces the stress to the animal compared with the usual forms of restraining, and there is much less stress for th farmer." Young suggests ACC, instead of levying farmer's higher charges, should charge less to those using the pacifier because of lower likelihood of injury to people and stock.