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Who We Are

Newtek Pacifiers NZ is a small family business company we started back in 2004. Our aim was to provide a service for local farmers to release them of their stress when working with large farm animals. We wanted to minimalize their work load but increase their productivity. Our business has grown to where we can proudly say we have over 2000 farms using our product nationwide. Farmers are even using multiple units on a single farm due to their efficiency especially during calving season.

If you want to increase you work productivity on your farm, decrease your chances of being injured by an animal or have a safe work ethic, this technology is for you. Our system is the only one of its kind running throughout New Zealand and most importantly it's Animal Welfare Approved, assuring no harm to your life stock.

If you are tired of using energy draining techniques such as; roping, blowing, Vice Crips, tail bending, yelling and loss of temper, the Newtek Pacifier is for you! We will save your sanity.

The best aspect of our product is that it is easy to operate and can be done in minimal time, meaning you can spend more time doing other jobs. In the 12 years, we have not had a single refund or unsatisfied costumer.

We provide personal repairs with the very people who own, assemble and sell the Newtek Pacifier. If there is a fault, we will fix it within 4 working days and send it right back to you. Farmers are busy people and our family make sure you become our main priority.